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togetherness n : affectionate closeness

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  1. the condition of being together
--Kimberly Joyce in Pretty Persuasion

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Togetherness is the feeling of being close to another person emotionally and physically. It is an emotion which cannot be definited outside of its current sociological meaning, and the reality of such a term is not "knowledge." It is well symbolized by the gesture of holding both hands up, slightly cupped with palms facing each other, and moving them together to create a circle. The other symbol is also when two arms hold each other at the wrist.
The term was used in McCalls Magazine in the Easter Edition, 1954. It redefined gender roles in the 1950s. The father was at home more. The family being Together was important, including recreation as well as family dinners and vacations. The Nuclear family (mom, dad and kids) became the norm, as people started to move out, away from their extended family.
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